The Dawn of the Beginning of the Start of the Inception

The Dawn of the Beginning of the Start of the Inception

From the desk of David.

This is our first blog post as Eclectical Engineering! As we sit here, desperately trying to keep these emotions in check and prevent our feels from oozing out all over the freshly cleaned floor, we have the distinct impression that this is the start of something truly memorable.

We both bring different skills to the table: Ryan is a pyro-junkie and ballistics guru, while David is an electro-mechanical splicer and CAD assassin. But together our skills are doubled and our ideas are squared. All that remains is to hack them together bit by bit until they stand as a monument to what can be achieved with enough caffeine juice and cyanoacrylate vapor hot-boxing our small workshop / living room.

So stay tuned for our first project posting which will go up within the next week or so. It’ll be a real blast… so to speak… it’s a pun, you see… blast… like a gust of wind… or compressed air…

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  1. See if you can get in touch with a design firm called “Psoup” (fits with some of your concepts as well) – they built an air cannon several years ago that they used to fire “crunched up” t-shirts onto the tops of buildings in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. I believe they still have the cannon as it was a work of art in itself and the may be willing to share a photo or two to prompt some additional ideas on that aspect of your current “power source” – good luck.

    You can tell them I sent you!
    Loyd May

  2. Good luck with your venture! You two remind me of myself–sixty years ago. Way back, long before the day of the Personal Computer, when my ’55 Chevy was still almost new. Anyway, it looks like you are having lots of fun but I wonder how you are financing your venture–must have full time jobs on the side.

    I will be following your projects with a great deal of interest. Just one question on your air cannon–seems like it would have made more sense to put the valve on the other side. It would give more air storage space plus it would leave a smaller volume to pressurize when the valve was opened.

    Lots of luck,


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