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From the desk of Ryan

Our channel will be going a little quiet for the next month or so… not because David and I are pushing these projects off to the side. More so for the exact opposite reason. Things are seriously picking up over here at EE HQ (our apartment)! Lots of design reviews, building, testing, editing, etc.

We’re taking on three long-term projects / collaborations, all at once, and we have not nearly as much bandwidth to maintain a consistent upload schedule. Also both David and I work as full-time tech engineers in the bay area, and sometimes our jobs can be a bit unpredictable. And also sometimes life itself can get a lot unpredictable.

It can be a huge struggle to pull the timeline to the left however, it’s incredibly easy to let it slide wayyyy right. But worry not! No more bitch talk. We have some fun stuff on its way, so definitely stay tuned! My guess is, hmmm, late-April for the next vid!

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  1. Miguel Miranda

    Hey there. Im super interested in building the bluetooth cloud light. I am a beginner when it comes to the electronics part of the project. Is there any chance you could make a short video, regarding the electronics portion more closely? or even just a more detailed guide with pictures. Would be much appreciated! Id also love to support you guys anyway i can

    • EclecticalEngineering

      Hi Miguel, which part specifically are you having issues with? Go ahead and list out your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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